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iconBrand philosophy:
Yuda makes trustworthy products living up to your affection
Yu, meaning credit in Chinese, carries forward the fame of tea’s home that has been dedicated to making white tea for hundreds of years.
Da, meaning fulfillment in Chinese, reflects the accumulated essence of white tea that fulfills all expectations of the taster.
Yuda tea comes from Huanggang Tea Town, a core production area of white tea in China. Since the old time, the Zhou’s has been residing here with the white tea, protecting its honor and fame lasting for a hundred years. It is the insistence passed down for generations that bears such a perfection worth the trust.
The tea delivers the tranquility hidden in the town of tea. Only the heart that has been truly reset and released can find the realm of relaxation and the hometown of tea, thus since giving a “territory” for the body and mind.
Yuda White Tea, reach the heart of tasters with the taste of Huanggang.

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