Yuda Tea





In 1674

During the reign of Kangxi, Wednesday Yu (the 15th Emperor Gaozu of the Zhou Family) passed the Taimu Mountain and brought back the tea tree in the rock to cultivate tea seedlings

In 1875

In the reign of Guangxu, Zhou Kaichen (21 Emperor Gaozu of Zhou Family) spread white tea to Huanggang village of Fuding Repantxi. Zhou Huanxi and Zhou Weiyi were the fifth and sixth generations of Zhou family

In 1955

The Ministry of Agriculture has identified Fuding as the county of large white tea (white wool tea) fine seed breeding base, and Huanggang Village was rated as "National tea production star village".

In 1958

Huanggang Village was rated as "National Advanced Tea Production Unit"

In 1959

National tea production site meeting was held in Huanggang Village. CAI Ziwei, Executive Vice Minister of Agriculture, Gao Linyi, Director General of Agriculture and Zhang Tianfu and Li Dongshui from Fujian attended the meeting.

In the same year, Village Secretary Zhou Zongben and tea picking expert Chen Jiumei were invited to participate in the 10th anniversary ceremony of the National Day and brought back the central leadership "to open up more tea gardens on the hillside", Huanggang tea industry began to step into the road of revitalization

In 1969-1977

Educated youth chairman MAO called for a response for Huang Gang village made outstanding contributions to the development of tea industry




In 1986

The founder Zhou Congratulates shouldered the mission of the people in his hometown to strive and start his own business in Guangdong

In 1992

Yuda Guangzhou Company was officially established and named as "Guangzhou Yuda Tea Co., LTD."

In 2003

It has been certified as organic tea by Tea Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences



In 2004

Headquarters "Fujian Yuda Tea Industry Co., LTD." was formally established, and in Fuding Spark Industrial Park in the acquisition of land to build a factory

In 2005

The first phase of the headquarters complex building and the first phase of the factory have been successfully completed and put into use, with a total construction area of 6,800 square meters;

"Yuda" trademark won the title of well-known trademark;

Yuda Tea won the "China Three Green Project recommended Brand"

In 2006

The enterprise has passed QS certification

In 2007

For ten consecutive years, it has been rated as "Top 100 Enterprises in China Tea Industry".

For ten consecutive years, it has been rated as "China Tea enterprise credit AAA grade unit

In 2008

Yuda Guangzhou Company was officially established and named as "Guangzhou Yuda Tea Co., LTD."

In 2009

"Yuda" white tea was rated as a customer satisfaction product in Fujian Province.

Pekoe Silver Needle was awarded the title of "Top Famous Tea of China" by China International Tea Culture Research Association;

Yuda White Tea won the Gold medal at the 7th China International Agricultural Fair

In 2010

Fuding City three merit tea enterprises;

Yuda Company won the "Fujian Top 20 Tea Enterprises";

Yuda Company was rated as "Top Ten" tea enterprises in Ningde City;

Pekoe Silver Needle was selected as the designated tea for "Chinese Teahouse" in the media Village of Guangzhou Asian Games

In 2011

The company was rated as "China's top 100 tea Enterprises";

The enterprise has passed the HACCP certification



In 2012

Awarded the title of "Leading Enterprise of Geographical Indication Trademark in Fujian Province" by Provincial Trademark Association;

It was awarded the title of "Top 100 Enterprises of Haixi Economic Quality and Reputation" by Legal Jin Newspaper.

Awarded the annual recommended brand of Chinese white Tea by China Tea Circulation Association;

By the provincial Department of Agriculture and the provincial Department of Finance awarded the "2012-2014 Provincial Agriculture and animal Husbandry industrialization Leading Enterprise" title

In 2013

White tea withering machine has won the national utility model patent

In 2014

Repantxi Huanggang Yuda Tea base reachd the title of high-quality Tea Garden;

The first white tea beverage research and development on the market, processing technology won the national invention patent

In 2015

Famous Trademark of Fujian Province

In 2016

Mr. Zhou Congratulatory was named as the representative inheritor of Fuding intangible Cultural Heritage (Fuding White tea making skills) project



In 2017

Won the "Science and Technology Enterprise of Fujian Province"

Mr. Zhou Weiyi awarded the honorary title of "The first Fuding White Tea Traditional Tea Making Master"

In 2018

Awarded the top Ten white tea enterprises in China by both sides of the Taiwan Strait;

Mr. Zhou Congratulated was awarded "Top Ten Craftsmen of Fuding White Tea"

In 2019

For 13 consecutive years from 2007 to 2019, the company was rated as "China's Top 100 Tea Enterprises;

The R&D building of the third phase of the headquarters was successfully completed and put into use, with a total construction area of 3,500 square meters;

The company has a standardized plant 13900 square meters, production and drive tea garden base a total area of 11,000 mu

In 2020

Mr. Zhou was awarded the title of "Master of Chinese Tea Making";

Fuding Tea industry development group as the tea industry tax more than one million enterprises

In 2021

From 2007 to 2021, it has been rated as "China's Top 100 Tea Enterprises" for 14 consecutive years.

Fuding tea industry group as the tea industry tax more than one million enterprises;

The brand value of "Yuda" is estimated at 565 million yuan



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