Yuda Tea
Yuda Tea


Yuda White Tea is the leading brand of high-end white tea in China. In 2018, Yuda White Tea was rated as the top ten brand of white tea in China, the leading enterprise in Fujian Province for many consecutive years, and the top 100 tea Enterprise in China for more than ten consecutive years

Yuda Tea


Huanggang Tea Town is the core producing area of white hair tea in China. The forest coverage rate is up to 80%, the average altitude is about 600 meters, and the soil is acidic clay loam

Yuda Tea


Product system is rich in more than 100 single products, covering high, medium and low three grades, the year span of more than 20 years

Yuda Tea


Advanced production technology and equipment, standardized traceability management system, Fuding non-genetic successors and the first Fuding tea masters control the production process, and many industry experts guide the whole process

Yuda Tea


Through independent stores, flagship stores, counters, regional agents, supermarkets, hotels and other channels and forms

Terminal image

Yuda Tea


Yuda Tea


Image Support

Door head background wall decoration design in subsidy, pop material support; Promotional materials support


Operation Support

One to one professional account manager team opening guidance, from time to time to regional stores on-site guidance, improve the operation ability


Training Support

Provide high frequency training in opening, operations, skills, professional and promotion courses (resident/Headquarters)


Advertisement Placement

Online and offline full coverage: CCTV, aviation, Focus, high-speed rail, platform, news media...


Sample Support

Each product is proportionally paired with tasting tea, saving franchisee expansion cost

Join Condition

Yuda Tea
Yuda Tea


Determined to engage in the tea industry, recognized the Yuda white tea chain business model and franchise management system, and committed to developing Yuda White Tea high-end consumer groups in the region

Yuda Tea

Financial Resources

Have a certain financial strength for early market investment, publicity, and necessary working capital

Yuda Tea


Have rich interpersonal relationship, customer group resources and good social reputation in the cooperation area

Yuda Tea


Have or ability to set up a professional operation management team responsible for store operation

Yuda Tea


Have independent stores and provide property rights certificate or lease certificate, obtain business license and other relevant documents