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A cup of white tea, wake up the whole spring,

A righteous act, warm the whole China.

This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, we may not be able to travel thousands of miles to get together. We may not be able to have a cup of spring tea together, but nothing can stop our love of tea. Every bloom, every cluster of new buds, tell us, although separated, but know each other, epidemic haze scattered, eventually meet.


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When spring comes, we celebrate the tea harvest, the prosperity of the tea market, and the grand start of the New Year of white tea. We integrate our love for white tea into the wonderful time of drinking tea. The spring tea season of Fuding White Tea in Fujian Province has already arrived, and the 20th Fuding White Tea Opening Festival has also arrived, which will be the most special tea opening festival in history.


|汤色橙黄  入口甘甜|


In view of the special situation of the epidemic, an online tea festival will be held this year, which will be broadcast live through CCTV, provincial TV, Tiktok, Sina and other media, so that tea lovers who cannot come to the scene can have an all-round understanding of the real situation of the tea festival. The biggest highlight of this tea festival must be the link of "Love Wuhan, Love Bazaar" sponsored by 13 leading enterprises of Fuding White Tea.



With the theme of "Xing Fuding White Tea, Welcome a happy well-off Life", the 9th Fuding White Tea Opening Tea Festival will be held in the characteristic town of Fuding, Nodding Town. Yuda White Tea will participate in this tea opening festival with co-organizing enterprises. In line with the original intention of "Fight against COVID-19 charity sale, gather great love", 1000 pieces of commemorative tea for the Opening Tea Festival will be limited, and the total value of 100,000 yuan charity sale will be donated.



The Wuhan epidemic has always affected the hearts of the whole country, as well as the hearts of all Yuda tea industry. As a provincial key leading enterprise, Yuda should set an example. Although it cannot support the frontline fight against the epidemic, it can only do its best to support the early recovery of the epidemic in Wuhan and look forward to the restoration of the former prosperity of the whole country.




Yuda Tea has been established for 15 years since 2004. Whether in the improvement of tea quality, or in the building of the brand, has been a leader in the tea industry. As one of the important participants in the tea Festival, it is also a loyal supporter of the business philosophy of "good people, good tea", leading by example to the world tea people and tea friends to make a commitment to product quality and safety, the original source, to ensure that the common people drink safe tea. In 2015, he was awarded the title of "Representative Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Fuding City", adding another colorful chapter to the history of tea planting in Huanggang Tea Town.




The Wuhan epidemic has aroused the concern of the whole country and the love of millions of people. It also reflects the noble feelings of the great love of the world at the moment of the epidemic. Although separated, but know each other, epidemic haze scattered, eventually meet......

White tea has a price, love is priceless, this charity sale of tea cake will also gather the good wishes of 13 Fuding white tea brands, united as one, to help Wuhan overcome difficulties.


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